An eclectic Neopagan coven focusing on Wicca, Shamanism, nature, spiritual growth, and healing.


VisionWeavers formed in 1986 in Fairfax, Virginia and evolved.. 


      A.  VisionWeavers is a coven that includes both men and women and combines Wicca, Shamanism and other useful types of workings. 

      B.   Our focus is generally on working with Nature, spiritual growth, healing, Pagan religion, and exploration of consciousness. 

      C.   Our Wiccan practice draws from the works of Starhawk, Selena Fox, and others.  Our Shamanic practice draws from the teachings of Selena Fox, R.J. Stewart, Michael Harner, Jan Fries, and Wohali Agvnige (a Cherokee Water Pourer, Story Teller and Shamanic practitioner) - along with VisionWeavers members and others.  We often work with Nature Spirits (see for details).  The combination of Wiccan and Shamanic practice is mostly our own, but similar to that of some other Wiccan-Shamanic groups.  Over time, we have developed a tradition that evolves, enriched by what our members bring to it and what we learn from others.

      D.  Many of our practices are similar to those in Amaranth Anthology, The Spiral Dance, and the practices of some indigenous peoples

      E.   We do rituals at Full and New Moons and at eight Sabbats. We also meet at other times for planning, learning, camping, Pagan Festivals, partying, special rituals, etc.

      F.   Much learning within VisionWeavers comes about from working with others to plan and perform rituals and because of individual study and practice, with guidance and feedback from other members of the group.  However, we also provide individual training, and occasionally do formal classes.

      G.  Before bringing newcomers into rituals, several active VisionWeavers members meet with the person to discuss their interests, their knowledge of Wicca, Shamanism and ritual technique, ethics, etc. and to determine if our paths are compatible. 

      H.  Training is individually tailored.  If compatible seekers are:

*        Inexperienced with magical ritual and Wicca, they are asked to read The Spiral Dance or the Twelve Wild Swans (by Starhawk) and Amaranth Anthology; and we highly recommend that they read Positive Magic (by Miriam Weinstein) and Drawing Down the Moon (by Margot Adler), People of the Earth: The New Pagans Speak Out (by Ellen Hopman) or a similar survey of the nature of North American Neopaganism.  We then provide individual training on basic ritual technique -- starting with exercises from The Spiral Dance, beginning with grounding and centering using an enhanced version of the "tree of life" meditation (exercise 5),  "Salt Water Purification" (exercises 20 and 21) and earthing power (exercise 7).  Training on calling quarters, circle casting, and techniques that are more advanced follow.

*        Highly experienced practitioners, briefing on our magickal technique and verification of the ability to lead portions of a ritual may be all that is needed (along with providing information on the ritual or, preferably, participation in planning the ritual)

A VisionWeavers Book of Shadows is available to active members of our coven to aid in further training 

      I.    Most VisionWeavers members started out working as solitary practitioners and have learned many things that we teach each other as a result of this experience (as well as group work).  Some VisionWeavers are also initiated in other Wiccan Traditions and/or the Church of All Worlds.

      J.    Decision-making is generally by consensus.

      K.  We work with many deities, and generally at least one Goddess and one God in each ritual.  The choice of deities depends on the purpose of the ritual and our knowledge of the deities.  Currently, we commonly work with Ganesha and Lakshmi, Gaia and Pan, or other deities.  Sometimes, we call the Goddess and Horned God (or other God) by aspect, and let them come in the most appropriate form

      L.   Ethics:

            1.     Respect for life of this planet

            2.     Respect for other's rights

            3.     Honesty and keep commitments

            4.     We refrain from magic that would increase harm

            5.     Vision quests should be to open doors, not to lay a trip on people

            6.     Protect privacy and guard mysteries of the Craft

            7.     Aid and teach others in the Craft, without demands for personal gain

      M.  In ritual, we generally wear what we feel comfortable and magical in (if anything).  While some of our rituals are skyclad, it is not mandatory and depends on the circumstances and comfort level of participants.

II.  DETAILS ON INITIATION (typically at Imbolc or Lammas)

      A.  First, do personal vision quest rituals to know your True Will and to get your magickal name. Details on these rituals will be provided to the person to be initiated.

      B.   Initiation includes affirmation of being a Priestess or Priest of the Craft and a full initiate of VisionWeavers Coven, along with transfer of a magickal current and Craft secrets.

      C.   Initiation is one of the few VisionWeavers rituals where all of the details are not provided to all participants. Certain aspects of the experience are true Craft secrets that carry a current, and mystery and surprise enhance the experience for the person initiated.  However, the person being initiated will be given instructions for a solitary ritual from which she or he will be summoned at the beginning of the actual initiation ceremony.

      D.  The person seeking initiation must submit a draft initiation ritual in advance to VisionWeavers initiates.  Background material on initiation will be provided.

      E.   Details of the initiation ritual are worked out by those who are already initiated, considering the traditional VisionWeavers initiation and the submitted draft ritual.

      F.   To be initiated, one must be active for at least one year in the Coven (or longer depending on attendance, competence, and the level of participation) and agree to the magickal oath below:

      G.  Oath of Initiation (The 13 questions):

*        What Goddesses, Gods and other entities do you call upon to witness this rite?

*        Why do you seek initiation?

*        Do you promise to faithfully attend the rites, so far as you are able?

*        Do you promise to love and honor thy brothers and sisters of the Craft, to aid them when in distress, to care for them when sick, to protect and defend them from their enemies, so far as you are able?

*        Do you hold your pledged word sacred and to remember the value of honesty in thought word and deed?

*        Do you promise to respect the life of this planet?

*        Do you promise to respect other's rights to freedom, and their safety, privacy and opinions?

*        Do you promise to guard the mysteries from the profane who would dishonor that knowledge, and to protect the privacy of those who wish to remain so?

*        Do you promise to further your own knowledge, to join with others in the Craft for mutual teaching, and to teach those worthy students sincerely seeking knowledge to the best of your abilities, sharing your knowledge of the Craft without demands for personal gain?

*        Do you promise to never use magic to merely impress the foolish or for any end that increases harm?

*        To what purposes do you dedicate your magic?

*        Do you promise to try to help the Craft of the wise and to hold its honor as you would your own?

*        Kneel... Do you vow all between these hands to the words you have spoken, to the Gods you have called to witness, and to the old Gods of the Craft?




Larry Cornett, 2450 W. 6 St, Apt UpS, Cleveland, OH 44113 (216) 583-0007