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Magic is defined by Isaac Bonewits (in Real Magic) to be " A general term for arts, sciences, philosophies and technologies concerned with:


(1) Understanding and using altered states of consciousness within which it is possible to have access to and control over one's psychic talents, and

(2) The uses and/or abuses of those psychic talents to change interior and/or exterior realities.


There are many explanations of how magic works. Quantum mechanics and associated theories of consciousness, as well as many spiritual philosophies, indicate that matter, energy, and life itself are manifestations of non-localized, unified, underlying strata. The underlying strata are described as waves of probability in quantum mechanics. These waves continue forever, and there is no clear boundary between one wave and another. These waves can act at a distance. By unifying one's consciousness with such underlying strata, one can achieve states of consciousness in which one can obtain and send information and influence events, often through synchronicity. It can cause circumstances to come together at the right time and under the right circumstances for mundane action to be extremely effective, and can sensitize people to those circumstances.


Magic is a form of meditation and prayer, and many magical techniques can be fun. However, it is also hard work and can be exhausting and/or ineffective if proper technique is not used. It is important to know what you are doing and to be proficient at the internal aspects of magical technique to get good results. A good place to begin learning proper technique is to read The Spiral Dance by Starhawk and work with the exercises within it, especially the tree meditation, so that one is focusing universal energy rather than mostly using one's own energy when magical work requiring the use of significant amounts of power is called for. Other good books such as Positive Magic by Miriam Weinstein cover the ethical considerations, as well as some basic spellcraft and divinatory techniques). Learning from other practitioners is also useful. Many covens provide individual or group training. One can also learn much by attending magical discussion groups, workshops and rituals, and by using the internet.


Personally, I usually work magic in a Wiccan circle or a Wahole medicine circle (a type of Shamanic circle taught by a Cherokee Medicine Man). I also sometimes work with ADF in their format. Many neopagans work with deities as allies and partners in rituals, invoking ones whose actions and interests relate directly to the purpose of the ritual. For example, in the mid 1980s many magical groups in a network called Moonweb worked with Athena and her Owl in rituals for the protection of the old growth forest and the Grey Spotted Owl. Shortly after the rituals, the owl was placed on the endangered species list, and its old growth forest habitat given government protection.


In addition, many Wiccan Shamanic groups and Shamans work with Power Animals and other spirit allies found during Shamanic journeying (explorations of planes of consciousness using techniques such as drumming and/or guided visualizations to access to such levels). In addition, we work with Nature Spirits in natural power spots when possible. A nature spirit is the living consciousness, or group mind of an ecosystem or a living entity (such as a tree spirit or Diva).


In a ritual in the mid 1980s, the Consolidated Edison Company of New York's Air Pollution permit renewal applications (that I was responsible for) were taken to a natural power spot for a ritual with the first ADF Druid Gove (which worked with nature spirits as previously defined). Spirits that were interested in helping those fighting acid rain then were contacted, invoked and invited to use the permits as a vehicle. Those permits throbbed with power when they were sent to the New York Department of Environmental Protection the next day. The State of New York passed some of the strongest acid rain legislation and turned down Con Edison's new application to burn high sulfur coal shortly afterwards.


At a Washington DC area Spring Equinox rite, coven members, CAW members, and Druids ritually introduced three new saplings to an old, previously unhappy, maple tree and to other trees on private land; and planted them at receptive power spots. The unhappy tree used to have kind of a swampy vibe, until witches (who worked earth healing magic at a nearby power spot), found out that it missed the forest, and offered to help -- after which its vibe was something like a Klingon Warrior. The vibe that the maple tree let out during and for weeks after the tree planting was powerfully and totally ecstatic.


When I was doing soil and water sampling at a Virginia Superfund Site (a former tear gas factory contaminated with naphthalene, arsenic and cyanide the chemicals used to make tear gas), the landscape looked like a moonscape, except for a few patches that were overgrown with bushes, etc. One of the live patches was a power spot, and I (in Level C gear -- which looks like a space suit with a gas mask) contacted the nature spirits and asked for advice and help. I got a vision of the contaminated landscape turned into stone. When I returned to the office to write a feasibility study on alternative actions to clean up the place, unsolicited brochures from companies that do in-situ solidification and from companies that destroy cyanides were waiting for me in the mail. The alternative selected was to add hydrogen peroxide to the contaminated soil (turning the cyanides to carbon monoxide and heating the soil sufficiently to drive off the naphthalene, which was collected) followed by mixing the soil in situ with concrete and water to turn it into stone (and de-mobilize the arsenic). The cost was much lower and it had much less environmental impact than incineration the main technically feasible alternative treatment.





Traditional Hopi:


The Earth is our mother; we must take care of her

The Earth is our mother; we must take care of her.

Hey yana, ho yana, hey yan yan; Hey yana, ho yana, hey yan yan.


Her sacred ground we walk upon, with every step we take

Her sacred ground we walk upon, with every step we take.

Hey yana, ho yana, hey yan yan; Hey yana, ho yana, hey yan yan.


The Sky is our father; we must take care of him

The Sky is our father; we must take care of him

Hey yana, ho yana, hey yan yan; Hey yana, ho yana, hey yan yan.


The Rivers are our sisters; we must take care of them

The Rivers are our sisters; we must take care of them.

Hey yana, ho yana, hey yan yan; Hey yana, ho yana, hey yan yan.


The Trees are our brothers; we must take care of them

The Trees are our brothers; we must take care of them.

Hey yana, ho yana, hey yan yan; Hey yana, ho yana, hey yan yan.



By Sable:


Fur and feather and scale and skin

Different without but the same within

Many of body, but one of soul

Though all creatures are the Gods made whole


By Ray Rentges of VisionWeavers:


The power to bud, the strength to leaf,

Return, return, return, return

When power peaks, visualize goal achieved and send power into vision intoning "Rebirth!



By Night Rainbow:


I am a circle, I am healing you

You are a circle, you are healing me

Unite us, be one, Unite us, be one

The Earth is a circle, She is healing us

The earth is a circle, we are healing her

Unite us, be one, unite us be one

Our love is a circle, love is healing us

Our love is a circle, Love is healing us

Unite us, be one, Unite us, be one

We all live together in the circle of our hearts

We all live together in the circle of our hearts

United we are one, United we are one



By Rose May Dance & Starhawk:


We are alive, As the Earth is alive.

We have the power, To fight for our freedom.

If we have courage, We can be healers.

Like the sun, We shall rise. (repeat)




ng spell







Making Magic for Planet Earth, written by Selena Fox for Circle Network News


"There are many things that can be done in spiritual realms to help bring about solutions to the world's problems:

*        We can kindle spiritual friendships with other lifeforms through communication with Nature Spirits, who can be teachers for us and allies in bringing about planetary healing.

*        We can do daily meditations in which we creatively visualize the spiritual body of the planet glowing with radiant healing light.

*        We can organize and/or take part in ecumenical planetary prayer services and rituals with practitioners of other spiritual paths and cultures.

*        We can honor Mother Earth as an aspect of the divine in our solo and group rituals.

*        We can send Mother Earth our love and pray for planetary health each time we visit a stone circle, sacred grove, place of power, temple, shrine or other sacred site.

*        We can do spiritual healing magic for the planet in our circles. It is important to reinforce whatever spiritual work we do with physical action. There are a variety of ways to do this and you should decide on at least one approach and then carry it out. Here are a few examples:

       Recycle trash from your household, take paper, plastics, glass, aluminum cans, and other recyclables to recycling centers.

       Recycle clothes and no longer needed household items by donating them to charities to distribute to the needy.

       Join and actively participate in environmental action groups.

       Write government officials and urge them to take specific actions on specific environmental issues, such as stopping all ocean dumping.

       Write letters and articles for publications about the need for environmental preservation.

       Plant trees as part of reforestation efforts.

       Compost food scraps.

       Stop buying and using non-bio-degradable detergents.

       Boycott products from companies that are destroying the Amazon rainforest.

       Pick up cigarette butts and other non-biodegradable litter from parks and other wilderness areas.

       Donate money to nature preserves.

       Give talks at schools, civic groups, churches and in other places in your area about ecological issues.

       Read publications, view films, and attend presentations in order to keep informed about ecological conditions and to learn about

       additional ways you can work for planetary healing.

       Conserve electricity, water and other resources on a daily basis.

       Network with others.