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The Witches Voice listing of Major Pagan Festivals and Gatherings of the Planet Earth, at:
helps replace Larry Cornett's Former International Calendar of Events.

For Hundreds of smaller Festivals, circles, workshops and gatherings, go to
then look up the state that you are interested in, under the listing for the nation that you are interested in
(located on the left side of the witchvox home page).
Also check appropriate regional Calendars.


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Cornett's main reasons for terminating his international event listing include: Most Pagans find out about more than enough events to fill their available time through local and regional listings, publications, fliers at events and stores, snail mail, word of mouth, and/or the Internet -- reducing the need for a comprehensive international calendar.

The number of paid subscribers his calendar became less than 10% of what it was nine years ago, and it never made a significant profit. The reduced subscriber base is probably due to the widespread availability of this calendar and others on the Internet and in publications, along with the generally increasing availability of information on events.

The number of Pagan events has been doubling every 4 1/2 years since 1982. ByJanuary2000 took about an hour and a half per day to keep the International Calendar up to date. If I did not update it for a week, it took a whole day's work to bring it up to date. I expect that the growth in the number of such events will continue, along with the growth in the time needed to keep up. While I have done my best to keep up, I could not continue to do all the work myself maintaining and updating a relatively comprehensive calendar and accomplish other priorities.

It is not good for the Pagan movement to become too dependent on one person to comprehensively track its major public events. Mechanisms are now available on the Internet for the vast majority of major event publicists to share in the work keeping international event listings up to date. By terminating the continuation of my former International calendar and publicizing alternatives, event publicists are encouraged to help. By working together and using modern electronic communications, the needs of 21st Century Pagans for such information can be met much better than with what I can do myself.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate anyone willing to provide hardcopy printouts of the on-line calendars on a subscription basis, and no hardcopy publication is known to carry as comprehensive a set of event listings. Calendar subscribers with time left on their subscriptions were sent a refund for the unused portion of their subscription.

By the way, as long as I am living in Ohio, I intend to continue to maintain my Ohio Calendar of Events at:
and will be expanding it to cover events nearby in New York and Indiana. Unfortunately, hard copy subscriptions are unavailable. Eventually, this calendar eventually may also be automated, or replaced by something better.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER Use or don't use the information at your own risk. Larry tries to use the best information available to him, but makes no guarantees. Larry Cornett is not responsible for any costs that occur to users of the calendar due to any errors or other problems. On rare occasions, events fall through, dates and costs are wrong, are not what they appear, speakers don't show up, etc, etc.